Billboards and Free Agents

Billboards and Free Agents

Billboards and Free Agents

It was in the early 20thcentury when billboard advertising became a prominent form of advertising. With the emergence of automobiles, local restaurants and hotels utilized billboards to get drivers to stop and spend money on their services. Fast forward to 2018, and billboards are serving another purpose: recruiting.

Basketball cities are doing whatever it takes to get prized free agents to play for them. Billboards have gained traction in the recruiting field.

Philadelphia started this nationwide recruiting pitch. In February, a Philadelphia-based window company planted a series of three billboards along I-480 urging LeBron to join the 76ers. They read “Complete the Process” and “#PhillyWantsLeBron.” Advertising in Cleveland on behalf of Philadelphia is a confident move, but it is something that could go a long way for customers looking for new windows in Philly.

complete the process billboard in cleveland

In response, a Los Angeles attorney tried his luck with billboards. His “#LABron” billboard caught national attention. Even this week, a billboard in Sacramento, reading “KingsJames,” appeared in an effort to lure James a little north of LA.

#labron billboard in cleveland

Why is it that super fans and attorneys are purchasing billboards that (most likely) have absolutely no effect on LeBron’s decision? TV spots are too costly to mess around with, which makes billboards a more attractive option.

Even if LeBron James doesn’t choose Los Angeles, receiving nationwide attention from news channels and more looks good for your business.

LeBron is going to go wherever is best for him and his family, but that’s not going to stop anyone from trying.