5 Easy Search Engine Optimization Wins You Can Get Quickly

The top position in Google gets 33 percent of the clicks and the clicks drop off as you move down the results. If you want traffic, you need to rank at or near the top.

Let's look at 5 easy search engine optimization tips to boost your rankings in Google.

1. Get Rid of Outdated or Low-Quality Content

Go through all the content on your website and delete anything that contains outdated information or is low-quality content. Low-value pages like this can hurt your search rankings by increasing your bounce rate and reflecting poorly on your site when Google crawls it.

2. Improve and Update the Content That's Left

Don't leave the remaining higher-quality content alone. Update it with new information, expand on what's already there, and keep adding to those pages. The pages on your website should be an ongoing project, not a one-time creation.

Longer content tends to rank better so as you add more content to these pages, it will push the word count up and help them rank higher.

3. Review Your Site's Internal Links

Over time, links between pages on your site can become a bit of a mess and some of the pages they point to may not exist anymore. Go through your website and audit all the internal links. Look for ways to simplify the link structure, such as replacing links pointing from page A to B and B to C with a single link going from page A to C.

The more complex your link structure is, the harder it is for the Google crawler to follow. Broken links can hurt your SE ranking as well.

4. Improve the Speed of Your Website

How fast your website loads plays a big part in how it ranks. If it's too slow, visitors will click back to Google and try a different result. This is known as a bounce.

If your bounce rate is too high, it can hurt your rankings.

5. Offer a Mobile-Friendly Version of Your Site

Many people visit more websites on their smartphones than they do on a desktop or laptop computer. If your website doesn't offer a mobile-friendly version that's optimized for the smaller screens, its search rankings will suffer.

Make sure visitors coming to your site on a mobile device can find everything they need as easily as they would on a larger screen. Google will reward you for this with better rankings.

Where to Turn for Help Beyond These Easy Search Tips

These easy search optimization tips can give your site a quick win in the results but if you want to maintain those rankings, you'll need to put in some ongoing time and effort. It can be a challenge to keep up with your SEO while you're running your business at the same time though.

Instead, let Mean Joe Advertising take care of your search engine optimization and other digital advertising needs. On top of SEO services, we can help with content creation, paid advertising, email marketing, and more.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do to help you grow your business online.