Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor is the digital lead for Mean Joe Advertising. His expertise across the digital advertising landscape allows him to provide omnichannel solutions for partners with measurable results.
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The Plain Dealer Names Universal Windows Direct A Winner of the Cleveland Top Workplaces 2019 Award

[text delay="" delay_duration="" delay_offset="" id="" class=""]Universal Windows Direct employees nominated the company with the winners based solely on employee feedback. The anonymous survey is...

SEM vs. SEO: What’s the Difference?

So you want your website to do some of the advertising work for your company. But how do you make sure your site is listed at the top when potential customers are searching?

How to Choose the Best Advertising Agency for Your Small Business

As your business grows so does your list of responsibilities. And with that growing list you may be looking to take some things off your plate—that’s where an advertising agency could be a lifesaver....

How to Advertise in a Niche Industry

Now we know you may be thinking, “What in the world is a niche business?” But don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. In fact, many small business owners may not know that their product or service is...

What are SERP Features

Well before we can even get started explaining what a SERP feature is, it’s important to at least understand what a SERP is. A Search Engine Results Page (SERP), is what users see when they search...

11 Starter Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Do you want to grow your business’s presence on social media?

2019 Super Bowl Ads Preview

(Advertising Spoiler Alert!!!)

SEM Explained: What is Paid Search Marketing?

Over the years, "Search Engine Marketing" has meant a couple different things. It was once the umbrella term for SEO (search engine optimization) and paid search activities. In recent years, it has...

What is a “Full-Service” Advertising Agency

Full-Service Advertising Agency can be many things. Some use it liberally but when we say full-service advertising agency, we literally mean everything but the kitchen sink. Rather than specializing...

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